Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google Plus; Google Plus One Of Best Social Network.

Google plus encompasses almost all the thoroughfare through which one would like to communicate with someone, who is close and kin to one. After its launching,  Plus  Google crossed the boundary line of 10 million users within a very short amount of time span. Thereafter, four (4) weeks after its opening Google Plus has reached the marking of 20 million users. Hence, this accelerated shooting up rate of Google Plus has made it a formidable opponent as well as player in the arena of social network media space.Google plus one will take place as a best social network.
Google Plus locates index content in more efficient as well as effective way. This unique feature has made Google Plus itself a truly unique social network and at once, has created a dragging line from other social networks. Many social networks are not seen to provide permission of Google access to their contents. However, the attitude of Google Plus as to Google access is otherwise. This feature has made Google Plus a much better SEO friendly social network. The term SEO refers to ‘search engine optimization’. SEO ascribes to a process that improves the visibility of a web site through natural or unpaid search results. SEO is also involved in ameliorating the visibility of any web page in search engines. It is seen to mark and aim various types of search that encompasses engines such as image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines. However, through SEO, a web site gets web presence. As an internet marketing strategy Search Engine Optimization plays a pivotal role that is significant from various aspects. The considerations, which are always deemed as requisite, of search engine optimization are like what people tending to search for; the actual desired search terms willing to type into the search engine, the actual as well as specific engines that people are tending to be preferred by their choice. During the task of optimization, various indefeasible task are involved and these pre requisite tasks as to any web site are as such that the editing of the contents of web site, editing the HTML coding of that web site and, last but not the least, the task of associated coding of both the contents and HTML of the specific web site in order to increase the relevant of the web site to certain and specific key words as well as to oust the barriers to smooth indexing activities of search engines. As one of the vital tactics of search engine optimization, SEO is seen to promote the web site to shoot up the rate of back links as well as inbound links.

The search engine optimization friendly attitude of Google Plus has made it a pivotal component in commercial and marketing arena. Google plus, being SEO friendly, has already marked vital impact on the latter day communication. Google Plus has transforming into such a networking universe where every one is gifted with the freedom of sharing one’s life with others in every possible way that is indeed available to all to see. Hence, in that way, the SEO friendly Google Plus has been turning itself into a trend for marketing and advertising.


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