Thursday, July 21, 2011

Smart Phone

What is a Smart Phone:- A Smartphone is that phone which gives you advanced connectivity and computing facility than an ordinary cell phone. Smart phone are now one of the most popular and best-selling phone and its popularity is increasing day by day rapidly. According to a study by Com Score in early 2010, only in United States over 45.5 million people among 234 million of total mobile subscribers are used Smartphone. Which Smart Phone is best there is debate and different opinion. In 1992, Smartphone first came into the market offering a wide range of features and productive tools and become popular within a short period. In this period Smartphone brought many models in which android, iPhone, Blackberry are the most popular phones of recent time. There are a lot of features, which are making Smartphone smarter day by day.
Operating system:
A Smartphone is an operating based system, which permits it to run numerous productive applications. The most common mobile operating system used in Smartphone is Symbian, RIM BlackBerry, Internet Tablet, Access Linux Platform Android, and Qtopia. For example, BlackBerry uses BlackBerry OS while other runs the windows Mobile or Palm Os.
Web Access:
Most of the Smartphone gives the access to browse a web at a great speed with the help of 3G network and Wi-Fi. Though not all Smartphone support high-speed web browsing but they all provide some kind of access.
Now a day’s almost all phones even the most basic one includes some sort of software like a contact manager or an address book. But Smartphone provides a numerous number of software to give you computing experience. You can download any applications, create and edit Microsoft’s office documents, edits yours photos. You can get your driving direction via GPS system; can create a playlist of tunes and many more.

Normally, an ordinary cell phone can send and receive a text message but a Smartphone is different because of its e-mail system. A Smartphone can easily sync your personal and professional e-mail account some supports multiple e-mail accounts also. Moreover, it also gives an access to instant messaging services like Yahoo! Messenger, AOL’s AIM.
QWERTY keyboard:
Another most attracting feature of Smartphone is its QWERTY keyboard system that means keys are arranged in the same manner as computer keyboard.
Dimension and Screens:
Smartphone are usually larger than normal phones though it tried to make Smartphone as small as possible. The main emphasis of Smartphone is actually on its slimness and lightness. Normal phones have a small screen for a few lines of text but a Smartphone has large multi- color screens.
Basically, Smartphone is most popular for its entertainment facilities. Smartphone gives you expandable storage facility to store music, videos, eBooks, movies, pictures, applications, etc. as much as you like. As it has a comparatively larger screen than other phones one can enjoy any movie or play any game.
Specialty Technology
Smartphone usually provides modern technology such as Global Positioning System, i.e. GPS. GPS can help you to find quickly any location on a map by instantly providing specific directions to your destination. Another example is BlackBerry’s “Push” technology. By using this technology a user can deliver any e-mail without having to check his inbox to the BlackBerry as soon as it arrives.


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