Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Apple iPod Touch 8 GB Review

Pros: +Brilliant display same as iPhone.
+ Awesome processor speed
+ The new HD video camera with 720p which gives you an access to upload videos in Facebook or YouTube.
+Sharp and easy retina display on the eyes.
+ give you an access to multi tasking
+ Huge storage capacity
+ Super fast internet browsing with WI-Fi connectivity.
+Thin but better compact design than the previous model. 
+Best Apple iPod touch apps.

iPod Touch 4g
Cons:-Bad build quality.
-Battery life is okay for music lovers but battery life may be a bit shorter for video and game lovers.
-Still camera resolution is poor. Pictures are good enough to post on twitter, Facebook but not so good to print those pictures.
-Failed to play AVI format videos.
- There is no GPS facility.
- There is no support of adobe flash player for web browsing.
- On the both front and back side of the phone there are fingerprints galore and the Apple iPod also easily scratched. .

Overall impression: In spite of some drawbacks, Apple iPod Touch is good products for iPod lovers. I am a music lover so battery life is not a big issue for me. Some drawbacks may overcome by using third-party software, for instance AVI, XviD and DivX format videos can be run in iPod Touch by using third-party software. . Its really good and excellent iPod.


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