Thursday, November 24, 2011

N8 Nokia Review

Windows Phone Nokia

Nokia N8 Price, Price of  Nokia N8 $ 346

Nokia N8 is the grand induction to the quiver of Nokia products. One who needs the online connectivity along with phony features, the newly inducted Nokia N8 is definitely an indefeasible component of day-to-day life. The features of the new wonder of Nokia N8 are now comparable as a Swiss knife in the arena of mobile innovation. This newly introduced product.
The high profile photo-capturing feature of this Nokia product has already made it a unique product. Along with the famous Carl Zeiss optics the massive 12 mega pixel is pretty much uncompromising the question of photo taking. However, other feature may be placed lastly, but they are by no means the least by quality or feature. The 3.5 inches of super emollient touch screen, wireless wi fi network as well as the gigantic memory has made it a never seen before wonder mobile products. The Nokia Company introduces its new product in four different eye popping and vibrant colors that paves the options to the users to make a choice upon the product.
The new Nokia N8 has been introduced with the feature of providing the users with endless joy of watching global as well as local TV program on this newly inducted Nokia wonder. The new product is consisted with global positioning system along with ovi navigation facility. It enables the users to get the voice enabled guidance and thence, the Nokia N8 ensures its users safety into the zigzag of roads and highways. However, the eye popping as well as mind enthralling new Nokia N8 is being introduced with the built in face book and twitter facilities. Thence, this new product of Nokia has enabled its users to get the social network facilities without any hustle. The Nokia N8 is pretty much uncompromising in the matter of battery power facilities. It attached one of the finest qualities of battery products into their newly inducted products. Furthermore, the new Nokia N8 is also and obviously as usually like other of its predecessor, fully loaded with entertainment facilities. The on screen virtual keyboard has made this new product a haven for the writers as well as the bloggers who need to perform on the go writing in their day to day life. Last but again by no means the least this new N8 has been bringing forth with the latest Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity which now empowers this product to be a very unique one.  


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